Computer configuration and environment

Question: Recommended computer configuration 

Answer: 5K Plus/5K XR is recommended to use i5 processor or above, memory 8GB or larger, N card 1070 or above  8K is recommended to use i5 processor or above, memory 8GB or larger, N card 1080Ti or above graphics card.

Question: How do desktop computers connect properly?

Answer: 1. Connect the data cable, USB interface, DP interface and power adapter to the right slots.

2. Plug the power adapter into a power socket

3. Connect the data cable and USB connector to the USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 port on your computer

4. Connect the data cable and DP interface to the DP port on the discrete graphics card. Do not connect to the DP port on the motherboard.

Question: Can the USB/DP cable use an extension cord?

Answer: You can try to use extension cords made by regular manufacturers, otherwise it may cause unknown usage problems.

Question: Is the headset compatible with the laptop?

Answer: We recommend customers to use the laptot with 1080 graphics card or above and a mini DP interface which customer can use a converter to convert the Mini DP to DP to connect the headset.

Question: What do the colors of the device LED lights mean?

Answer: Green: Normal connection. Red: Failed Connection. Purple: Activate the Parallel Projection Feature.

Question: Causes and solutions for flashing red, green and blue lights

Answer: Firmware upgrading is failed and please upgrade the firmware again.  Contact Support

Firmware Related

Question: How to upgrade P2 firmware (Normal Upgrade)

Answer: 1. Confirm that the Pitool is connected normally and the LED indicator light is green.

       2. Open DFU.exe in the Pitool directory C:\Program Files\Pimax\runtime

       3. Click Select File to select the firmware that needs to be upgraded.

       4. Click Download Firmware to start upgrading firmware.

       5. During this period, the LED will flash and do not plug the USB cable until the upgrade is completed.   

Troubleshooting And Solutions 

Question: Fault detection 10500, 105XX

Answer: 1. The LED light is off, check if the HMD power adapter is plugged in

      2. The LED light is red, check whether the USB on the HMD end and the computer end is plugged tightly 

      3. The LED light is red, check if the USB is not recognized, and yellow excalmatory mark is displayed in the universal serial interface in the device manager.

      (try to re-plug the HMD power adapter or restart the computer)

Answer: 1. Check if the DP line on the HMD end is plugged tightly or not (try to plug in other DP interfaces or use other computers)

      2. Check if the graphics driver is the latest version (recommend to log in to NVIDIA official website to upgrade)

      3. Reinstall the current graphics card driver and reinstall it.

Question: Fault detection 30000

Answer: 1. The service is not activated, open the service item in the task manager, find Piservicelauncher, right click to start the service item (if there is no such service, please close the anti-virus software and reinstall pitool)

Positioning Related

Question: How to use the HMD without a base station?

Answer: If you do not have a base station used for positioning, please uncheck the Lighthouse Positioning solution in the PiTool settings.

Question: Matters need attention when using the base station for the first time. 

Answer: Prompt the PiHome's room setting after the HMD is first connected, follow the wizard prompts to set the room.

Question: How to use single/dual base stations

Answer: Single base station users should switch the lighthouse to B mode (double base station setting B/C mode), the distance between the HMD and the lighthouse is kept at about 1.5 meters, and the height of the lighthouse from the ground is more than 2 meters.

Question: The HMD indicates it is not positioned and the controller lighthouse is not ready for use.

Answer: First pick up the HMD, and swing it right and left to the lighthouse several times. If the problem is still not solved, please delete the config folder "C:\ProgramData\pimax\runtime\config" and restart the Piservicelauncher service item.