Base Station and Wireless Controllers with Thumbstick or Trackpad (Deposit)

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    Odoo • Image and Text


    More Compatible - To make the controllers more compatible with all Steam and Oculus content. we have included the grip button, menu button, system button, and trigger.

    More comfortable - You do not need to hold it, you can relax in the games with your hands open, grab objects when close your hands, and release hands to throw objects naturally. There are sensors over the grip button. The controller tracks all your fingers while you hold it, and you can squeeze further with the grip button as well.

    More immersive - The whole body includes buttons are ergonomically designed, letting you forget the act of holding the controllers, so you can interact in VR more naturally and immersive.

    Odoo • Text and Image
    Odoo • Image and Text

    More choices - Don’t hesitate between Thumbstick and Trackpad prototypes. You can separately buy one of them to get the best of both worlds: one for your left hand, the other one for your right hand.

    Large Room-Scale - Base Station is based on the latest Steam VR 2.0 technology, enjoying free walking in a 10*10 square meter space with 360 degree positioning.

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