Getting Started

First, make sure to have SteamVR installed on your PC, and get started with your Pimax by downloading and installing the PiTool software from our official website Once installed, connect your Pimax headset to your PC and power it on. 


PiTool Settings

In the PiTool software Settings, you can change the Field of View (FOV), resolution, brightness and contrast, adjust the image quality and a lot more to fully customize your experience for your own needs. 


Cable Extension

Is the included 5-meter cable not long enough for your needs? You can extend the DisplayPort and USB connection between your PC and Pimax headset with up to 5-meter extension cables, purchased separately. 


Using a PC Laptop

Are you using a laptop PC without a full size DisplayPort connector? No worries – you can use a mini-Displayport or HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapter, sold separately, to connect your Pimax headset and get it running.


Comfort is Important

Your comfort is important for us, and that’s why we highly recommend you to properly adjust the head strap of your Pimax headset, by following our short video tutorial. This will give you the most optimal and comfortable VR experience wearing your headset. 


Game Launcher

Start your favorite games and VR experiences straight from SteamVR, or use our built-in Pimax Game Launcher inside PiTool. The launcher will automatically import all your installed Steam and Oculus Home games, and you can also run your installed Oculus games natively.



If something is not working properly with the connection of devices or the tracking, start troubleshooting by clicking on the Help tab in PiTool, and then hit the Diagnose button. This diagnostic tool will help you to address possible issues, and will give you suggestions on how to solve them.